Amonia Poisoning


The fish will hang just under the surface with labored breathing. Its gills will appear to be lilac in color. Red streaking may be seen throughout the body and fins. Fishes with ammonia poisoning will become lethargic and eventually die, maintaining their full coloring. The ammonia will damage their skin, gills, nerves and internal organs. The red streaking is due to hemorrhages (internal and external bleeding). Its mucous membranes of the skin and intestine are also destroyed. Damage also occurs to the brain and central nervous system.

Abnormally high levels of ammonia.


Test the water to confirm the disease. If ammonia levels are high, perform an immediate water change. It’s also a good idea to use a chemical that will remove the ammonia. Activated carbon, Ammo-Lock, Tetra Easy Balance, AmQuel or Amguard.


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