Ehiem Professional 2


  • One-action priming aid
  • Auto-valve release (AVR)
  • Maintainence indicator (MI)
  • Media Basket
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Self primer

Eheim Professional II series canister filters offer innovative high-tech solutions down to the smallest detail. Optimum filtration as well as ease of handling make this canister filter the most technologically advanced filter on the market. One push priming, integrated taps with hose adapters, automatic on/off control, optical water flow control, and individual filter inserts complete with coarse and fine membranes make the Eheim Pro II series filters a "must have" for the serious aquarist.

Thanks to the ingenious “PUSH II PRIME” pump head, the new Eheim Pro II filters are the easiest canister filters to prime. Depressing the pump head automatically activates the integrated priming system, instantly starting water flow into the filter unit. Once the canister has completely filled with water, just “plug and play”.

New Maintenance Indicator: Allows a visual check of the current filter condition, taking the guess work out of planning filter maintenance. At a single glance, the position of the flow ball indicates the current filter status.

New Auto Valve Release System: Combines quick disconnection and shut-off valves into one easy to operate unit. By simply pulling back on the special combi-lever and releasing the safety latch, the “Auto-Valve Release” system is set in motion. The internal ball valves are closed and the hoses are detached without spilling a drop. Re-attachment is just as easy. Place the auto-valve back into the pump head and push down the combi-lever. The valves are opened and the auto-valve is securely locked in place.

New and improved Impeller Cover for easier access

Technical data 202620282126 (built in heater)2128 (built in heater) 
Aq. size up to approxl350600350600 
Pump output approxI/h95010509501050 
Del.head approx Hmaxm2,02,02,02,0 
Power consumptionW20202020 
Heater PowerW--210210 
Canister volumel911911 
Filter volume approxcm34,97,34,97,3 
Dimensions HxWxD mm375 x 210 x 210455 x 210 x 210375 x 210 x 210455 x 210 x 210


$219.99 2026(up to 92 gal)
$269.89 2028(up to 159gal)
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