Aquascape Floating Plant Island

Aquascape Floating Plant Island allows you to easily display aquatic plants in deeper areas of your pond where no plant shelves are available. The fine porous material allows water in, keeps soil from entering your pond and protects the plants from fish. Constructed to stay afloat at the surface of the pond, the island provides stunning options for creating beautiful plant islands containing your favorite aquatic plants. Aquascape Floating Plant Islands will easily blend in with the rest of the pond, allowing your beautiful aquatic plants to thrive. Island measures 15-inches long by 11-inches wide.

  • Display aquatic plants in deep areas of your pond
  • Allows water in while keeping soil contained
  • Protects plants from hungry fish
  • Measures 15-inches long by 11-inches wide


$19.95 15"x11" PL89006
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