Auto Top-Off System - UPLC-II

UPLC-II Ultra-Precise Liquid Level Controller II / Programmable Auto Top-Off System - 115VAC
w/ precision Gen6 peristaltic pump, level sensor tube w/ solid state sensor and control, high-limit float switch for fail-safe operation. Programmable for fully automatic operation.

SpectraPure® UPLC-II ATO runs on a ten-second cycle. The pump can be on for any number of seconds each cycle, including zero (always off) and ten (always on). Once the UPLC-II is powered up, programming is accomplished using UP and DOWN buttons to adjust the ON-time. This value is saved even after a loss of power.

- Fully automatic operation - Can be programmed for 'fill mode' or 'drain mode'
- Hi-limit float switch for fail-safe operation
- Safe 12VDC Operation
- New and improved high reliability aluminum-body LiterMeter III peristaltic pump
- Highest quality and accuracy
- Draws up from 25ft, Pumps up to 60ft!
- Self-priming and anti-siphoning
- Virtually maintenance free with no check valves to clog or seals to leak
- High delivery pressure - over 40 psi
- Compact size and cool operation
- Kalkwasser and Chemical safe
- No damage to the pump if run dry
- Quiet operation and low power consumption
- Complete system consumes less than 4 Watts when pump is running
- Pump flow rate: Adjustable in 10% steps ... up to 200 mL/min
- Extended 5-year Warranty


$199.95 LLC-UPLC-II
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