Dogface Puffer

The Dog Face Puffer is a Great addition to your fish only system. A nocturnal hunter, Dog Face Puffers likes to eat invertebrates. It is important that it does this as it needs to keep it's teeth worn down. The Dog Face Puffer, when frightened or distressed may inflate 2x it's original size. Forcing this animal to repeatedly puff can result in death due to stress. Do not expose it to air when it is puffing up as ingestion of air is often difficult to expel. The Dog Face Puffer is one of the puffers most sold in the industry due to it's dog-like personality. Once it is fully adjusted to the aquarium it is a hardy fish that can do great in a community tank with bold fishes such as triggers, groupers and wrasse. The dogface puffer requires a meaty diet.


$24.95 Small
$38.95 Md
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