Fire Shrimp

The Fire Shrimp has a red and white color and may  grow to 2 inches. It likes to eat meaty bits of seafood, and detritus. The Fire shrimp is generally peaceful toward other tankmates and is considered  a low-maintenance specimen. The Fire Shrimp may also set up a cleaning station. It does prefer, however, to hide in caves and overhangs and will forage for meaty bits after dark. These shrimp, if kept in pairs or more, will spawn in the tank. Eggs will appear in the finlets under the carapace as a light green. Fry are difficult to raise but will feed the corals and fish in your aquarium. As the shrimp age they will tend to clean less and will wait for hand-outs. Can be trained to eat meaty offerings right from your fingers and will even offer a free manicure.. Some fish may harass or eat Fire Shrimps. These fish include Hawkfish, Groupers, Triggers, Squirrels, Lionfish and others.


$34.99 Lg
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