Flame Angel

The Flame angel or Red angel is of the small Angelfish Centropyge genus referred to as Dwarf or Pygmy Angelfishes. Flames reach an average size of about 4 inches. They are best kept in aquariums with ample algae and other live rock growth. Provide plenty of shelter for hiding with a minimum tank size of 20gal.

The Flame Angelfish is considered one of the best choices for aquariums because it usually adapts well to captivity. It is best kept singly or in mated pairs, and with other less-aggressive fishes. Although touted by aquarists to be a fairly good reef safe fish, it may nip at large polyped stony corals, zoanthids, tridacnid clam mantles, and even some soft coral polyps. Therefore, this fish cannot be completely trusted if these invertebrates are present.

An omnivore that eats both plant and animal fares, it should be provided with ample live rock and algae growth to constantly graze on, and is particularly a good diatom algae eater. Will accept most any type of fares suitable for omnivores.



$39.95 Small
$44.95 Md
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