Formula F

Why use Aquarium Landscapes Formula F? All plants need iron. In nature the continuous flow of new water from streams, etc. constantly renews this vital element in the ferrous form that the plants can absorb. Iron cannot be absorbed by plants in the Ferric form, and for this reason it is essential to add iron to encourage vital plant growth, in a chemical formulation that can be utilized by the plants.

Simply add 5 drops per 10 gallons every three days but check with a test kit periodically.

Aquarium Landscapes Formula F provides your aquarium with supplemental iron, in the ferrous formulation that your plants can utilize. In the limited confines of your planted aquarium, it is very important to create a nutritionally balanced environment in which the healthy growth of aquatic plants may occur. Aquarium Landscapes Formula F is composed to feed through both the roots and leaves of your aquatic plants, assisting growth from young stages into maturity.

Formula F has a proprietary composition that does not rely upon chelation, and stays in the desirable Ferrous form until the last drop is used.

Since the nutrient requirements of aquatic plants change as the plants grow, Aquarium Landscapes Formula F effectively prolongs healthy growth by enhancing photosynthesis and deterring the aging process.

16 ounces will treat 2500 gallons of water and can be typically used for a 50 gallon aquarium for about 4-5 months.

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