Formula K

Formula K provides potassium to your aquarium. Potassium is required for natural photosynthesis and growth and is one of three basic elements all plant life require. The other two elements are Nitrogen and Phosphates. All three elements must be present simultaneously in order to be absorbed effectively, thereby providing your tank with healthy, vibrant plants. Nitrogen and Phosphates are abundantly produced within an aquarium from such sources as dead plant leaves, fish food, and fish waste. Potassium, however, must be introduced from an outside source. Formula K, when added to your aquarium, will provide plants whose leaves have begun to turn yellow and have noticeably lost their resistance to algae growth, with the missing element of Potassium.

With Aquarium Landscapes Formula K your plants will be healthy by stimulating root growth. Of all the elements needed by aquatic plants, Potassium is the one that has the greatest uptake. In a diverse, heavily planted aquarium, it is sometimes necessary to add Formula K daily. However, it is also important to note that too much Potassium can lead to problems of the water quality, as well as serious imbalances in the metabolism of the plants themselves.

For this reason, Aquarium Landscapes has developed an exclusive Potassium Test Kit for the serious hobbyist, which is simple to use, and will immediately inform the aquarist if additions of Formula K are advisable or otherwise.

Simply add 1 drop per gallon two to three times weekly. 16 ounces will treat 2500 gallons of water. When used every 2nd or 3rd day (typical in the average aquarium), this will supply a 50 gallon aquarium for about 3 months.

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