Hole in the Head (Hexamita)


Indications for this disease are small holes in the body, particularly the head. These develop into tubular eruptions. Other symptoms may include yellow strings of mucous, which may trail from the lesions around the head. Sick fish may lose their appetite and become emaciated (sunken belly region). Their colors may fade and pale, stringy feces may also be observed.

The flagellate Hexamita. This parasite infects the gallbladder, intestines and blood stream. Fibrosis of the gallbladder may occur as a result of infection. Low-level infestations may exist for quite some time unnoticed. Cichlids and Gourami are the species most commonly afflicted with this disease.

The medication Metronidazole (Flagyl). This infestation is contagious, therefore, all fish in the tank should be treated.


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