Laguna Peat Granules, 4.4 lb

• Creates a natural amber tint, which lightly filters out sunlight.
• Produces a natural-occurring anti-fungicide that’s beneficial to fish and plants, preventing fungal infections and improving coloration.
• Contains natural acids that help lower both KH and pH levels.
• 4 lb/1.8 kg.

Laguna Peat Granules naturally filter out sunlight in pond water, preventing the growth of string algae and green water. In addition, Peat Granules contain a gentle and natural-occurring fungicide that helps prevent fungal infections on fish while lowering pH in alkaline ponds. When administered at the recommended dosage, Laguna Peat Granules produce a pleasant amber tint that serves as a perfect contrast to the rich colors of goldfish and koi while giving fish a feeling of protection.

Directions for use:
Simply use the required amount of peat granules. Open and insert the peat granules in the mesh bag provided. After 6 weeks, the peat granules will be exhausted and should be replaced.

Tip: Use the exhausted peat when potting acid-loving pond plants, or simply scatter over your garden.


$21.99 4.4 lbs HG20574
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