Naso Unicorn Tang

Common names: Bluespine Unicorn Surgeonfish, Large Unicorn Tang, Green Naso Tang. This Unicorn Fish can reach large sizes up to 20, possibly 24 inches. Because of its size and roaming nature it is recommended for only VERY large aquariums. In the juvenile stage its body is of a light green-grayish color. Running longitudinally along the dorsal and anal fins are bright, almost fluorescent, turquoise blue colored stripes. This bright blue color also surrounds the razors on the caudal spine by the tail, the eye is surrounded by a goldenrod color, and the lips have an appearance of wearing pale, light blue lipstick. As an adult this fish looses the lighter green body color, turning to more of a grayish tone combined with some blue hues. The horn remains small and short. Its skin is smooth, almost scaleless looking, but very tough and does not succumb to ich as easily as some of the other Tangs/Surgeons do with this type of sensitive skin. The Naso Unicorn is a herbivore, feeding on marine micro and macroalgae. It will readily eat tank fed greens like sushi nori (natural dried seaweed), romaine lettuce, other green vegetables, marine algae enhanced flake foods and Spirulina. Sometimes it will nibble at meaty fares as well.


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