Sectrapure Dual Chamber Media Reactor

Dual Chamber Media Reactor w/ clear filter housings, high-capacity high-flow media shells, independent control of carbon and GFO.

Designed for simple and efficient use of GFO and Carbon media on any aquarium. Trouble free high quality filter housings, and high capacity low resistance media cartridges, makes this reactor the best option when employing larger or even small volumes of media. Paired with an adequate pump such as the Italian made Cobalt Aquatics MJ 1200 (not included), optimal flow rates provided via user-controlled, independent outputs, allows maximum flexibility for the control of Nitrate/Phosphate and DOC’s in your aquarium!

- Independent flow control of each chamber.
- Single point input and output for less clutter.
- Down-flow water movement through carbon chamber.
- Maximized flow rates through carbon media without grinding.
- Clear high quality, high-pressure housings allowing use with larger pumps.
- Black tubing for reduced algae growth.
- Mounting bracket for -on the wall- or -under cabinet- install.
- Input: ½in ID black tubing.
- Capacity: 3.5 cups per chamber - Can vary depending on grain size.
- Recommended Pump: Cobalt Aquatics MJ1200, included with MR-DUAL-P/PM versions.
- Carbon and GFO media, included with MR-DUAL-M/PM versions.


$84.95 MR-DUAL
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