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Ammonia is a toxic fish waste product. Without StartSmart Complete, a new tank set up means weeks of waiting to develop the proper bacteria to complete the tank set up. When ammonia is removed, toxic nitrite is formed. The right bacteria are also needed to remove nitrite to complete your tank set up.StartSmart Complete, both freshwater and saltwater versions, contains enough right bacteria to instantly complete your tank set up.

A clear aquarium, free of sludge, excess algae, and turbity is a sign of a healthy aquarium. When you don’t have a clear aquarium, you can’t enjoy your fish, and they are most likely under stress.

Excess feeding, bottom sludge, and high nutrients contribute to dirty water. Your fish thrive best in a clear aquarium, free of pollutants and excess algae. Using StartSmart Complete weekly is the smart way to maintain a clear aquarium.

Sludge-reducing StartSmart Complete bacteria digest organic sludge. Dose weekly to eliminate sludge and promote a clear aquarium.

StartSmart Complete (freshwater and saltwater versions) contains nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria that eliminate ammonia and nitrite from your aquarium, and sequester Phosphate. Maintenance dosing also lowers nitrate build-up. Through sludge reduction and Nitrogen removal, StartSmart Complete provides a clear aquarium for your enjoyment, and a clear aquarium for the benefit of your fish.

Toxic chemicals will make your aquarium clear. But they can harm fish and plants as well. Algaecides upset the biology of your aquarium. Toxic chemicals are a poor choice to make your aquarium clear. Algaecides are the quick way to make your aquarium clear, but not the safe way.

Hundreds of aquarium professionals use StartSmart Complete to make an aquarium clear. StartSmart Complete is a biological clarifier that consumes nutrients without toxic chemicals.

Green water and hair algae take time to develop, and persist. When you want to make your aquarium clear, remember that the problem took time to develop, and to make your aquarium clear naturally will also take some time.


Dose: 1 ounce of StartSmart Complete for every 10 gallons for instant tank set up.

StartSmart Complete is so concentrated, it contains all the bacteria you need for a new


Dose: 1 ounce of StartSmart Complete for every 40 gallons, weekly, for a clear aquarium.

Because StartSmart Complete is so concentrated, it contains all the bacteria you need for sludge reduction and N and P reduction. One economical weekly dose maintains a clear aquarium.


Dose: 1 ounce of StartSmart Complete for every 20 gallons, weekly, to make your aquarium clear.

Dose once a week to make even a problem aquarium clear. Continue regular water changes and manual cleaning, along with dosing StartSmart Complete, to make your aquarium clear as quickly as possible. Making your aquarium clear will take 4 to 8 doses (longer to make a severe problem aquarium clear). Once you make your aquarium clear, switch to the maintenance dose to keep your aquarium clear.


StartSmart Complete does not require refrigeration. StartSmart Complete is good for 2 years after purchase. StartSmart Complete is odorless, and contains no toxic chemicals. StartSmart Complete is the smart way to make your aquarium clear.


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