Zilla Lizard Litter

Lizard Litter

Premium white fir shavings and ground eucalyptus are ideal for all habitats. This ultra-absorbent bedding is specially sized for the safety and comfort of reptiles. Ideal for Skinks, Snakes, Monitors & Swifts.

• Ultra-absorbent bedding
• Contains no toxic resins or oils
• 100% natural—environmentally friendly

Ultra absorbent with natural freshness
Successful hobbyists and breeders have long recommended Lizard Litter bedding for its superior ability to absorb the moisture that naturally occurs in reptile environments. Made from premium White Fir shavings and ground Eucalyptus adds a bonus, fresh scent that’s 100% natural and completely non toxic to your pet. No noxious resins or oils are added...just pure, biodegradable substrate. Try it instead of your old litter...you’ll notice a refreshing change!

Ideal for Skinks, Snakes, Monitors & Swifts.



$21.95 24qt
$9.95 8qt
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