American Marine Pinpoint CO2 Regulator Kit

The American Marine Pinpoint CO2 Regulator Kit is a high end regulator/solenoid engineered specifically for the aquarium hobby at an affordable price. It be used for automating a calcium reactor or setting up a freshwater planted aquarium. It's very quiet & reliable and the precise needle valve will dispense the exact the flow desired.

CO2 Regulator Kit Features
  • User Manual (pdf format in new window)
  • Includes a CGA 320 CO2 Tank Adapter to connect to an American thread (CGA 320) C02 Cylinder Bottle
  • Will fit standard CO2 bottles. Will not fit Paintball bottles (without the adapter, which we do not carry at this time).
  • CO2 regulator is automatically regulated and does not require a 2nd gauge or knob
  • Electronic non-stick solenoid
  • LED indicator light to show open (energized) solenoid
  • Glass bubble counter with large gasket seal
  • Precision adjustable micro needle valve
  • Output pressure gauge
  • Includes silicone tubing 20 feet (6 meters)
  • Extra replacement gasket kit
  • AC Adapter (110 VAC North America)
  • Adjustment screwdriver


$154.95 AM00510
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