Macrodactyla doreensis - Long Tentacle Anemone

The long tentacle anemone is one of the easier anemones to care for in home aquariums. It will get much of its energy from light, since its body contains symbiotic algae, much like most coral. Every week, you should feed it chunks of raw fish, shrimp, or other marine flesh to ensure good growth and health. You should provide it with significant amounts of light and stable water parameters.

When first introduced to an aquarium, this anemone will try to find a place that it likes. It is best to let it roam until it has done so, but be careful and move any corals that it may contact since it may sting them. It is also beneficial to purchase a species of clownfish that will host with it and both the Clarkii and Pink Skunk clownfish commonly host with this species. Other species may host, but it is less likely.


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