Aquatic Life Marquis Dual Lamp T5 HO Fixture

The Aquatic Life Marquis Dual Lamp T5 HO fixtures employ the latest leading edge technology for both the novice and experienced aquarist. The Marquis is available in 8 model in both Marine and Freshwater lamp configrations. The Built-in Digital Timer makes it easy to control lighting. The Marine system features a combination of 10,000k and 420/460nm actinic lamps to promote exceptional growth and color in coral and invertebrates as well as eye-popping vivid color of fishes. The Freshwater lighting system features two 6000k daylight lamps to create a balanced light output. German made individual lamp reflectors direct maximum output light deep into your aquarium. Adjustable width frame mounts securely hold fixture on virtually any type of aquarium. All models feature a 2 meter power cord.  


$109.95 24in Marine AL20301
$119.95 30in Marine AL20302
$129.95 36in Marine AL20303
$144.95 48in Marine AL20304
$99.95 24in FW AL20305
$114.95 30in FW AL20306
$129.95 36in FW AL20307
$144.95 48in FW AL20308
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