Assorted Bag of Cichlids (M)

The Assorted Bag is perfect for populating an established or cycled aquarium with your favorite cichlids. There are multiple  variations of Assorted Bags consisting of all Mbunas, Haps, and Peacocks. Fish are carefully selected by size and disposition to encourage as peaceful and environment as possible, however territorial disputes  are to be expected. With a proper size tank(at least 40gal) and structure( driftwood. holey rock) the Assorted Bag which consists of 12 fish will prove to be very entertaining. Assorted Bag (MH) contains a mixture of Mbuna and haplochromines such as Yellow Labs, Auratus, Acei(yellowtail), Venustus,Hap Moori, Rusty Cichlid, Red Zebra, Socolofi, Demasoni, and Bumble Bee to name a few. If you have a specific number of 12 please email us regarding them and we will try t o accomodate.

 ***Fish are usually 2-4" in size and are unsexed***


$73.89 2-3" Asst Bag
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