The classic elegance of Mission branded furniture is timeless.  The Classic Mission stands and canopies from All-Glass Aquarium Co., are no exception - blending enduring beauty with functionality.  The sophisticated design, complemented with rich natural colorsm will make the Classic Mission stands and canopies the focal point of any home or office.
Designed to fit any room size and decor, our Classic Mission series aquarium furniture will fit most medium to large sized standard or MegaFlow aquariums.  Our stands and canopies were designed with the hobbyist in mind, providing generous space for storage and access to plumbing, lighting and accessories.
Classic Mission stands and canopies are made from an advanced laminated composite material - the same technology used in high-traffic laminate flooring.  You will find that a classic Mission stand and canopy will remain beautiful and last for generations.

• Accommodates many aquarium sizes from 55 to 210 gallon
• Adjustable door hinges
• Large doors for easy access
• Front opening canopies
• Durable finish
• Easy-to-clean and maintain
• Water resistant

Stand Size         Fits Tank Size
48”                                55
18x48                  75, 90, 110X
18x72                    125, 150
24x48                         120
24x72                     180, 210


$890.15 18x72 Cherry Stand(56202)
$572.7 18x72 Cherry Canopy(56252)
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