Cobalt Blue Tarantula

The Cobalt Blue Tarantula is one of the more beautiful, yet one of the more aggressive species of tarantula. This tarantula species is native to Myanmar and Thailand. Like most Asian tarantulas, it is quite aggressive. As a result, it should only be kept as a pet by experienced and well-informed tarantula Owners.The Cobalt Blue Tarantula looks almost black at a glance,  but upon closer inspection, with certain lighting, this species shows a bright blue overall color! Only the female will retain this blue coloration, matured male will turn brown upon maturity. These tarantulas are very popular, but aren't good for beginners. Cobalt Blue Tarantulas are extremely aggressive and possess a painful, dangerous bite. Even the spiderlings of this species have been known to show aggression! The Cobalt Blue Tarantula is uncommon in the wild, but is becoming more and more familiar in captivity. This species is also an obligate burrower and generally very shy. They do not possess urticating hairs, so rely more on biting for defense.These tarantulas spin large webs even though they do spend most of their time in their burrow if given the opportunity.


$59.95 3-4" Female
$49.95 3-4" Male
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