Freshwater Amphipods

These amphipods (hyallela azteca) are easy to culture and are an excellent food for many types of fish. They like to hide in vegetation and muck, and feed on detritus. Amphipods can be cultured in a 5 gallon bucket filled with water. Add small amounts of flake food every few days. They will benefit from structure such as a floating plant. They can be netted out and fed directly to your fish. Occasionally we have Gammarus sp. in stock. Contact us for species availability.

 With these critters, a few goes a long way they will live and prosper if the conditions are right. First, you need a starter. Second, some plants and rocks! The amphipods will eat off the plants, live in the rocks, and provide food for hungry fish! These critters get up to a half an inch and look like little C's. But they straighten out when they swim, cling to rocks and hide when threatened, and will keep the tank "gardened"!

The female carries the eggs in pouches on her sides, and these will hatch when she molts. The little amphipod babies are about a thirty-secondth of an inch long, but they grow fairly fast. Within two weeks they are up to a quarter inch, and a month or so and they will be close to full sized! I once had a tucker sweater box which I seeded with about 30 pregnant females, and during the course of 6 weeks I started pulling them off and counted over 750 in that box!

Temperatures can range from the low 30's to the high 80's F, but best temps seem to be in the 50 - 75 range. They acclimate to a wide pH range too, from 6.4 to 8.8.


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