Instant Ocean BIO-Spira


BIO-Spira is a revolutionary new product that makes marine aquariums fish-safe instantly.

No more waiting. No more guesswork. No more worries about losing fish to new-tank syndrome.
  • BIO-Spira contains live patented nitrifying bacteria proven to reduce fish loss due to ammonia and nitrite toxicity.
  • BIO-Spira prevents new-tank syndrome by accelerating the establishment of the bacteria necessary for successful biological filtration. In just minutes after adding BIO-Spira to your saltwater aquarium, you can introduce your fish with full confidence that they will not be exposed to dangerous levels of ammonia or nitrite, the culprits that cause new-tank syndrome.
  • BIO-Spira doesn?t need to be refrigerated. Unlike other products based on live strains of bacteria, BIO-Spira is shelf-stable at room temperature, which means it's just as easy to store as it is to use.


$14.95 100ml
$21.95 250 ml
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