Kessil AP700

The AP700 leverages the technology of Kessil's award-winning pendant lights and expands it into a larger, 185-watt panel platform. With two 60-LED chip arrays, the AP700 delivers up to 4 feet of coverage. This powerhouse is also equipped with built-in Wi-Fi for even greater control and customization. 

The AP700 features a flawless touch control panel to easily adjust intensity, color and cycle through preset program modes. The intuitive system allows instant customization of an aquarium with just a simple touch. The built-in WiFi capability takes control even further, with the power to remotely program the AP700 through our app without the need for an intermediary hub. Using the Kessil app, custom lighting schedules will take full advantage of the AP700's features, whether it is a dawn/dusk effect or moonlight mode. 

The AP700 will be packed full of incredible new features and accessories soon to be revealed. The iPad app will be available to download at launch from the App Store with iPhone and Android versions to follow shortly.

  • Wattage: 185W
  • 20.08" X 6.38" X 1.54"
  • Full-spectrum light
  • Proprietary UV blend
  • Capable of covering a four foot tank (at a height of 15 to 18 inches)
  • Full color control
  • Built-in intensity and color programs
  • Fisheye optics
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • iPad app for full control will be available at the time of release (iPhone & Android versions to follow)
  • Optional Hanging Kit and Canopy Kit


                                   Kessil AP700 Overview 


$799.95 185 Watt
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