Lemonpeel Angel

This Angelfish is often misidentified as the Herald's Angelfish (C. heraldi). However, C. flavissimus has a uniform chrome yellow body, a blue ring around the eye, and dark-blue edges on the vertical fins, while C. heraldi has a uniform chrome yellow body, often having a slightly orange tinge to it. Juvenile Lemonpeel specimens have a large black eyespot on the side of the body, which is often edged with blue.
This angel grows to 5 inches. It is possible to keep a male-female pair or even a trio (one male-two females) of Lemonpeel Angelfishes in the same tank together, provided that it is a large aquarium with plenty of hiding places, and they are introduced into the aquarium at the same time.
This species is well known for picking at large-polyped stony corals, and tridacnid clam mantles. It may also eat some soft coral polyps, as well as pick at zoanthids. Therefore this fish, as true with most all Angelfishes, cannot be completely trusted if these invertebrates are present.
This is one Centropyge Angelfish that does not adapt as quickly to tank fed foods, making it a little more difficult to keep. It should only be introduced into an aquarium that is well established with ample live rock for grazing, or a good healthy population of macroalgae growth and diatoms to feed on. Providing this type of habitat stimulates the fish's natural eating habits, and with patience and coaxing it will usually begin accepting a variety of tank fed fares suitable for onimvores


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