Marineland Starphire Aquarium

Manufactured with Starphire® Ultra-Clear Glass for maximized light transmission, high-definition color, a brilliant edge, and a stunning aquarium experience. These special order aquariums are available with starphire glass on the sides as well as the front.

These Corner-Flo Pre-Drilled aquariums come complete with a plumbing kit. Designed for efficient water collection, filtration, and distribution, this easy-to-install assembly comes complete with all necessary bulkhead fittings, drain, and return pipes, and dual Loc-Line® outlet nozzles. Double Corner-Flo aquariums include two plumbing kits, one for each Corner-Flo unit. Additional plumbing accessories may be needed for your external filtration unit. See manufacturer’s directions for further details. (The 180gal specs are 72"x24"x24" with an empty weight of approx 300lb and a filled weight of approx 1740lb).


$1279.95 180gal Starphire Front
$1395.95 180gal Starphire 3 sides
$1219.79 72x24x24 Monterey
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