Modular LED Aquarium Fixture

LED light fixtures are available in 20", 24", 30", 36", 48" and are designed for full-coverage lighting on standard sized aquariums. Included with each fixture is one Day White LED lamp! Two expansion slots are available for additional Day White LED lamps or Colormax LED lamps. Energy-saving LED lamps use up to 70% less energy than comparable T8 fluorescent lamps and do not contain mercury, which is harmful to the environment. Mounting legs are pre-installed and easily adjust to fit your aquarium. The three-position power switch includes Moon Glow accents. The LED lamp connections are moisture-resistant and connect effortlessly into place!


  • For 48" tanks. Legs will expand to 49".
  • For 36" tanks. Legs will expand to 37". 
  • For 30" tanks. Legs will expand to 31".
  • For 24" tanks. Legs will stretch to 25".
  • For 20" tanks. Legs will stretch to 21".
  • One Day White LED included
  • Expansion slots for two additional easy-to-install LED lamps available in all size fixtures. Colormax Size 48 to 20, Max Blue LED 48 to 20 and Day White Size 48 to 20 are available.
  • LED lamps have glass housings that won't yellow over time and do not scratch easily as with most LEDs (which have plastic housings)
  • Use over covered tank
  • Includes pre-installed, adjustable mounting legs
  • Includes Moon Glow night lights
  • Three-position power switch: Day, Night and Moon Glow
  • Legs will raise light 1/2" above the tank.

    $89.95 48inch AQ15614
    $72.95 36inch AQ15613
    $63.95 30inch AQ15612
    $53.75 24inch AQ15611
    $46.95 20inch AQ15610
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