NovAqua Plus

  • NovAqua+ Is A Best Quality Water Conditioner For All Water  Sources
  • NovAqua+ Removes Heavy Metals From Tap Water
  • NovAqua+ Dismantles Chloramines InTap Water
  • NovAqua+ Removes All Chlorine From Tap Water
  • NovAqua+ Provides Health Aids, Including Immunizers and Vitamins To Fishes
  • NovAqua+ Provides Protective Slime Coatings To Fishes
  • NovAqua+ Slime Coatings Repel Viruses and Bacteria From Fishes
  • NovAqua+ Is Compatible With All Of Kordon's Water Conditioners and Fish Treatments
  • Amine-Free
  • Made in U.S.A.


Tap water may be safe for humans, but in almost all localities it is not safe for fishes and aquatic invertebrates. Tap water needs to be modified by using NovAqua+ when setting up aquariums and ponds, when making water changes, and when preparing salt water for marine aquariums.

NovAqua+ is the new generation of NovAquas, it is the latest stage of technological development in water conditioners for aquariums and ponds. NovAqua+ is the most effective of the tap water conditioners for benefiting aquatic life.  But   it goes far beyond that. NovAqua+ provides, in a single product, everything necessary to handle all of the needs when treating tap water for aquatic life (except for handling nitrogen compound removal).  For the removal of toxic nitrogen compounds ­ including ammonia/ammonium, nitrites, nitrates use Kordon's AmQuel+ [hyperlink]. NovAqua+ is recommended to be used with AmQuel+, with which it is fully compatible.

CAUTIONS No cautions are required in the use of this product. NovAqua+ does not reach toxic levels with regular use or upon accidental or purposeful overdose. It is safe for reef and "live rock" aquariums. NovAqua+ is non-toxic to humans, pets and aquatic life.

It is recommended that NovAqua+ be used, rather than the original Kordon NovAqua, because NovAqua+ carries out much more in beneficial functions that improve aquarium and pond keeping. The use of NovAqua+ is suggested for the following conditions at the Standard dose (see also NOVAQUA STANDARD DOSAGES above).

New aquariums and ponds and water refills: Use at recommended standard dose. Add to the water when setting up a new tank or pond, preferably before the fish are added. Add to new water each time a water change is made. The amount of NovAqua+ to be used is determined by how much new water is added, not by the total amount of water in the aquarium or pond.

NovAqua+ will act quickly, normally within seconds, and at most in a few minutes in conditioning the water. If water is suspected of containing chloramines (a chemical combination of chlorine and ammonia added by water utilities to the tap water) or natural ammonia (such as from animal excretions), the following procedure should be used to protect your fish and invertebrates:

(1) Add NovAqua+ to protect the fish from stress, provide a protective slime coat, prevent shock; and remove the chlorine.
(2) Add Kordon's AmQuel+ to remove all ammonia, including the ammonia in the chloramines, as well as to remove the nitrites, nitrates, toxic pheromones, and other toxic nitrogen compounds.
(3) Add Kordon's Prevent Ich® to new aquariums or when adding new fish to act as a preventative for protozoan, dinoflagellate, and fungus infections.
(4) To establish and accelerate the nitrogen cycle in the aquarium or pond, add Kordon's Zym-Bac tm to provide the essential nitrifying bacteria.

Fish and invertebrate shipping/receiving. NovAqua+ can be added at the standard dose to the shipping water before fish or invertebrates are shipped and after receiving them. The use of NovAqua+ will reduce stress, osmotic shock and in some cases chemical poisoning. The use of NovAqua+ also reduces the probability of infection and increases the chances of recovery. It is recommended that Kordon's AmQuel+ also be added to shipping water to reduce toxic effects of free ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, and pheromones during shipping. Kordon's Prevent Ich or Ich Attack® should be added to control external single-celled infections.

Fish transport from shops. The use of NovAqua+ at the standard dose will reduce stress and osmotic shock. Use NovAqua+ at the recommended dosage (2 drops will treat 1 gallon). Add to the water in plastic bags containing the fish, before transporting from shop to home aquaria or ponds.

Transportation of aquarium and pond plants. Mix a solution of NovAqua+ at one-fourth standard dose. Dip each plant into the solution. Wrap for shipment. NovAqua+ acts as a humectant, holding moisture in the plants over extended periods of shipment. For a greater protective coating on the plants, such as in long-distance shipping, use Kordon's Fish Protector tm or PolyAqua®.

Field collecting. Fewer losses will be incurred due to stress, osmotic shock and chemical poisoning, if newly captured fish and invertebrates specimens are transferred immediately to water pre-treated at the normal dose with NovAqua+ and Kordon's AmQuel+. If the fish or invertebrates are substantially abraded or wounded, the use of Kordon's Fish Protector (formerly PolyAqua) is recommended. If the fish are suspected of being infected, the use of Kordon's herbal Prevent Ich tm, Ich Attack®, or Fungus Rid tm is recommended.  All three are of equal value as an effective organic treatment.


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