O.S.I. Marine Flakes

Marine (also referred to as saltwater) fish are the most delicate species to keep and require an appropriate amount of unsaturated fatty acids in their diet. O.S.I Marine Flakes are specially formulated to incorporate high levels of plant and animal oils provide a good source of ghighly-unsaturated fatty acids. A variety of plant and animal derived protein sources stimulate good growth. Natural color-enhancing pigments, spirulina, and all vitamins and minerals necessary to meet the special needs and requirements of marine fishes are also included.

Crude Protein, min. 47%

Crude Fat, min. 8%

  • High Protein
  • Natural Attractants
  • Color-Enhancing Pigments
  • Vitamins Including Stabilized Vitamin C
  • Spirulina
  • Balanced, Complete Diet
  • Contains Garlic



$5.19 2.24oz 0023
$11.35 7.06oz 0073
$39.95 2.2 lb 0033
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