Plankton Feed

This plankton feed comes in powder form. Simply add the correct amount of water and feed according to the instructions.  Excellent for feeding rotifers, copepods, daphnia, tubifex worms, and amphipods. This plankton feed is very forgiving, as it is not too oily and contains a nice blend of plant and protein matter. Feeding is subjective to population and volume of water. 1/2 teaspoon of plankton feed and water to 1 gallon of culture water is a good start. Do not cloud the water. If the water stays cloudy, that means that you are feeding too much. The powder stays the freshest in the refrigerator, and after water is added, refrigeration is required.

All plankton feed items now include a mixing bottle, instructions and eye dropper for feeding!


$6.69 1pk SWPF1
$9.39 5pk SWPF5
$10.79 1oz SWPF1Z
$14.95 8oz SWPF8Z
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