Rectangular Triggerfish

Common Names: Humu-Humu, Black-Wedgetail, Wegde-Tail, Pig-Nosed, Reef, and Painted Triggerfish. This fish is also "tagged" with the Picasso name, but the Rhinecanthus aculeatus species is the "true" Picasso Triggerfish. The Rectangular Triggerfish is easily recognized by the "black wedge" near the tail, thus giving this fish its other common Wedgetail names. It has bright blue, green, golden-brown, yellow, red, black and white line markings, a distinctive large wide black band on the sides of the body and red lips, all of which makes it an easy to identify specieThe Rectangular species behaves in the typical aggressive Triggerfish manor. However, it may be housed with members of the same genus, if they are all added at the same time and ample space and housing is provided. Same species juveniles can be kept together, but as they mature fights are likely to occur between them. The Rectangular Trigger is best kept in an aquarium with other similarly aggressive species of the same size or larger, as it may opportunistically eat smaller fish.s.


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