Wysong Epigen 90

  • The first extruded dry diet/kibble pet food (patent pending) that is  Starch Free™ (Epigen™ does what “Grain Free” pet foods only pretend to  do)
  • More closely resembles the food   your pet is designed to eat
  • Contains an unprecedented 60+% meat and organs (90% for Epigen 90™) and over 60% protein
  • Has the natural flavor and taste that pets truly desire
  • Is replete with all the critical food elements Wysong was first to put  into pet foods – probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, phytonutrients,  nutraceuticals, natural form antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Rich in omega-3's and other essential fatty acids
  • Made in the USA at Wysong manufacturing facilities with ingredients  from USDA and FDA approved domestic sources
  • Wysong Epigen™ represents the first important kibble pet food innovation in almost 60  years (patent pending) and moves conventional dry extruded pet foods  much closer to the high protein meat-based, starchless foods carnivores  are genetically designed for. With that, they are given greater  opportunity to enjoy their full natural health. Epigen™ is equally  appropriate for both cats and dogs.


    $8.99 2lb Epigen 90
    $64.79 8/2lb case Epigen 90
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