Camel Shrimp

The Camel Shrimp has a red and white color and grows to about 2 inches. It has a hump on its back which lends to its name. They have large green eyes and a hinged beak. The Camelback is a peaceful shrimp that likes to be kept in groups. The males usually have long claws that distinguish them from the females. It likes to eat eats meaty bits of seafood, and detritus. These are not reef safe, as they have been known to pick at polyps of some soft corals. As such, they do well in a mixed invert and fish tank with plenty of live rock, but should be kept away from zoanthids and other soft corals, and any crustacean eating fish. Many consider the Peppermint shrimp a low-maintenance specimen.


$8.95 1-2"
$24.95 1-2" 3 lot
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