Live Fish Food Rotifers

Live fish food for finicky fish Sea Horses and other marine life. Amphipods and Copepods are an excellent addition to any aquarium as they feed on detritus and help to balance the aquarium. Brine Shrimp commonly are used to feed small larvae such as Lined seahorse fry. Can be grown out to feed a wide variety of larvae sizes or adult fish. Saltwater Rotifers are useful for growing out fish fry that are too small to eat Brine Shrimp. Shore Shrimp are easy to keep feeder shrimp. These are fun pets or make a great meal for an angler fish or other medium sized fish. Mysid Shrimp are used primarily for feeding finicky Marine tropicals like Baby Cuttlefish (Sepia Bandensis)and seahorses. Plankton Feed(aquacultured powdered form) excellent for feeding rotifers, copepods, daphnia, tubifex worms,coral, and amphipods.

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