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   Why is aquarium servicing so important? All fish tanks require regular care in order to preserve their beauty and health. Have you seen a fish tank which has obviously been ignored? They might as well not have it!

Fish give off waste products (ammonia) which, if unattended, will quickly poison all occupants. Filters manage this waste problem by converting ammonia to nitrite (still deadly) then nitrate (arguably non-toxic). Sounds good - but if the filter is not routinely managed it will not do its job and will eventually give off toxic waste itself. Also, did you know the aquarium water's pH alters as time progresses? These shifts must be monitored and regulated. If left unattended your fish will eventually be swimming in acid! But even with the filters and water parameters under control, waste and toxins will still accumulate in your aquarium with time. They must be removed by partial water changes - regularly. Your aquarium's equipment is mechanical. Lights, filters, heaters, pumps and feeders all fail at some point in time. They need to be checked, cleaned and adjusted regularly. Gravel accumulates toxins. It needs to be cleaned. Essential water elements are constantly being consumed by your aquarium inhabitants. They all must be replenished.

  All of these fish tank tasks, plus generally cleaning up, needs to be done regularly. But, with the best of intentions, many aquarium owners ignore their duty. That is when Paradise Pet Shop can help. We save you time. Neither you nor your staff need tend the aquarium.


Renting has fast become the most effective means for a business to manage its assets. Aquariums distracts attention from the wait span and brings a calm, positive attitude to your office and clientel.  They have proven to be a beneficial factor in stress management reduction and a healthier emotional state for patients and are a great asset to any facility! 

 Consider the tax advantage - the rental is usually an immediate office expense. And you do not end up with a paper asset which you then have to depreciate. Nor do you end up with an asset to dispose of when you eventually move or renovate.

Renting can save money too! It is insurance against the loss of expensive fish - for whatever reason. A 2 meter aquarium can easily house hundreds of dollars of plants and fish. Even more for salt water aquariums. And you will never need worry about the cost of replacing filters, lights, heaters, pumps and consumables. You will not need water test kits and treatments which other aquarium owners need.

 Enjoy the beauty of an aquarium without the stress of maintaining it.  Be the envy of your neighbors!

We offer professional quality salt water, fresh water aquarium and pond cleaning and maintenance services for the Ark-La-Tex area. We have an experienced professional staff on call to meet the servicing needs of every type of aquarium, from the 1 gallon tank to the most sophisticated aquariums in large office complexes and homes. We handle cleaning, repair, setup, moving, take down, design and installation professionally and timely.

Our maintenance program normally includes twice monthly service(but can be tailored to meet your needs), three day fish guarantee or fish replacement service, delivery of foods and routine maintenance of equipment usually at no additional charge.

   Twice monthly visits include the following tasks:

  •    Water changes

  •    Hydro cleaning gravel

  •    Cleaning corals and decorations

  •    Cleaning viewing surface inside and outside

  •    Water quality testing

  •    Check equipment

  •    Replacement of minor equipment as required

  •    Major repairs will be made within 48hr    

 Paradise Pets offers two programs:

Basic Itemized: Monthly service fee includes the service only.  Food, fish, medication, saltmix, equipment and drygoods are itemized on your monthly invoice and sold separately.

ALL INCLUSIVEYour monthly invoice includes saltmix, food, fish but not replacement pumps,  light bulbs or drygoods.  All inclusive programs are slightly higher per month than the basic itemized program and reflects a future investment in your aquarium.

A rental and maintenance program from Paradise Pet Shop does it all for you!

So call us now for a free consultation (903) 223-0300

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