Camelot Macaw

A Camelot Macaw is a second generation hybrid cross between a Scarlet & a Catalina Macaw.

1st - Scarlet Macaw crossed with a Blue and Gold Macaw = Catalina Macaw

2nd - Scarlet Macaw crossed with a Catalina Macaw = Camelot Macaw

A Catalina macaw is a first generation hybrid of a Scarlet and a Blue & Gold Macaw. The Camelot Macaw is a popular multiple generation hybrid macaw that has been successfully bred for many years. They are the most common second generation hybrid macaw that is seen today. Camelot Macaws are not considered rare, unless they are yellow dominant. Novices often misleadingly refer to orange & green Camelot Macaws as "yellow," but they are not, even though that color combination can be quite striking. Camelot macaws come in a vast array of colors. It is incorrect to assume that they are all primarily yellow. Yellow dominant Camelot macaws are the exception, not the rule.

Image provided by: Jamie Womach


$2500 5-9mths
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