Flexible Ball-Socket Joint Tubing and Accessories

Flexible Ball-Socket Joint Tubing


Used to return water to desired location in the aquarium when connected to a bulkhead fitting. 3/4″ or 1/2″ flexible tubing, nozzles and valves can be connected in multiple ways and positions to create desired flow patterns.


$4.99 3/4in x 3in Flare Nozzle B
$4.99 3/4in Flex Bll-Soc Joint A
$3.99 1/2in Flex Bal-Sckt Joint G
$3.29 1/2in Flare Nozzle J
$16.95 1/2in Assem Pliers P
$1.89 3/4in MPT Connector K
$1.45 1/2in MPT Connector E
$4.85 3/4in Y Fitting F
$3.45 1/2in Y Fitting L
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