Milwaukee Salinity Refractometer

Professional Hand held refractometers 

The MR series refractometers are precision optical instruments used for measuring concentrations of substances in aqueous solutions. They work using the principle of light refraction trough liquids. When passing light trough a liquid the refracted angle will be shown on the scale determining the amount of dissolved solids in the liquid. 

Milwaukee refractometers are very simple to use: simply place one drop of your sample on the prism and read the results on the scales immediately! 

All these meters have adjustable focus, easy to read numbers for good resolution and zero adjustment screw for calibration. 

Each refractometer is calibrated and adjusted to measure at 20°C (68°F). Models with Automatic Temperature Compensation are also available and are suitable for applications where the temperature of the samples vary.


$83.95 MR100ATC
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