African Cichlids

These are cichlids originating from the three major rift lakes of african: Lake Malawi, Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika.

The water chemistry in Lake Malawi is very similar to that of Lake Victoria. pH ranges from 7.8 to 8.6, with a total hardness of 4.0-6.0 dH. Carbonate hardness ranges from 6.0 to 8.0. The variation is caused by the level of dissolved carbon dioxide in the water. In areas with turbulent water, where the water is better aerated, the pH is higher, while in calm bays the level of dissolved carbon dioxide is higher and consequently, the pH is lower there. Surface temperature ranges from 76 to 85°F, while the temperature at lower levels of the lake remain at a constant 70 degrees.

Lake Tanganyika has a ph of 8.6 - 9.5, a carbonate hardness of 16 - 19 and a surface temp. of 76 - 85 degrees.

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