W.O.W. Freshwater Sludge Remover & Biological Booster

W.O.W. Waste Out Weekly is used weekly to help maintain a cleaner and healthier aquarium.

When used regularly, W.O.W. reduces the need for gravel vacuuming and other cleaning chores. Aquarium substrate, filter hoses, lift tubes, decorations and other equipment stay cleaner.

This all natural biological treatment contains billions of beneficial heterotrophic bacteria and enzymes that rapidly break down and remove waste, sludge, ammonia and nitrites in the aquarium. The removal of this organic matter helps maintain a higher level of water quality which reduces the chance of disease.

Unlike most bacterial treatments, W.O.W. Freshwater contains specific strains of bacteria which are more effective within a freshwater environment. 


Keeps aquariums healthier.

Quickly breaks down organic wastes & sludge.

Keeps substrate cleaner.

Improves filter efficiency.

Reduces the time and need for routine aquarium filter cleaning.


$18.95 4 oz 3-64069-00120-1
$23.95 16 oz 3-64069-00122-5
$30.95 32 oz 3-64069-00123-2
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