Feeder Shrimp

Easy to keep shore shrimp. These are fun pets or make a great meal for an angler fish or other medium sized fish, eels or cuttlefish. They keep well and eat flake food. These make a great snack for any predator fish. Keep a top on your aquarium or they will jump out and turn crispy on your aquarium lights! One word of advice, often our customers break off their rostrum (point on the nose) to prevent it from getting stuck in your fish's throat if the fish is in the 2+-" range. The average size when shipped is approximately 1 inch.

Scientific Name

Palaemonetes vulgaris


$26.95 25ct FS25
$48.59 50ct FS50
$74.95 100ct FS100
$119.95 200ct FS200
$264.95 500ct FS500
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