Natural Balance® Potato & Duck Dry Dog Food is our special Allergy Formula, made specifically for dogs and puppies prone to allergies. Along with our Duck and Potato Canned Formula and Potato & Duck Treats, dogs with allergies can now have a complete allergen-free diet!

Natural Balance® Potato & Duck Formula is a proven formula for dogs with allergies based on our unique single source protein and single source carbohydrate blend.

Some dogs may be highly sensitive to commonly used proteins, carbohydrates and food additives in their diet. Allergic reactions can lead to irritable bowel, upset stomach, and a number of skin problems. Natural Balance® has created Potato and Duck formula for dogs with these food allergies. Our Potato and Duck formula combines fresh duck, (no by-products) from USDA approved plants, a single source of animal protein that most dogs have not been exposed to, and a single source of carbohydrate not commonly found in dog foods, along with effective natural ingredients to help rebuild the dog's immune system.


$11.89 5lb
$28.79 17lb
$49.95 30lb
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