AlgaGen ReefPods� Moina salina

Moina Salina, the ”water flea”, the largest prey item of the ReefPod line will entice feeding of finicky fish and is a great feed item for seahorses and small to medium reef fish.

ReefPods™ Moina salina is a live culture of Moina salina. Moina salinalive and feed in the water column and will eat a wide assortment of foods, including microalgae. Adults and juveniles are an excellent transitional food for seahorses and other fish that require live feeds for protracted periods. All sizes of Moina salina entice aquarium fish to feed.

ReefPods™ Moina salina may be used as a starter culture to add to marine aquarium refugiums or the main tank. Although not as easily established as Tisbe, once established they will reproduce quickly, growing to adults in several days. They are sub-tropical and will thrive in normal aquarium temperatures and a wide range of salinities. It is suggested they are add to the refugium, however, they be added to the aquarium at night to avoid immediate fish predation.

ReefPods™ Moina salina may be cultured separately in a small tank by feeding PhycoPure™ CoppePod Blend™. The juvenile are smaller than 500 microns, making them suitable for larger fish larvae and small juvenile fish. Adults may be harvested for feeding juvenile seahorses and small fish.

Aquarium Applications

Moina salina is an excellent species for direct feeding to plankton-eating fish and seahorses and can cause a feeding frenzy triggered by their hopping swimming motion. The juvenile Moina are the perfect size for feeding young seahorses. Moina are an excellent replacement for brine shrimp or as a transitional live feed before introducing flakes or frozen foods. Moina can be enriched and gut loaded with microalgae or formulated enrichments prior to feeding. The swimming motion of Moina triggers feeding responses from almost any predator. It will entice even the most finicky eaters and is a good choice to encourage species that refuse to eat at first.

Culture tips

ReefPod™ Moina

Moina is an omnivore and will consume bacteria, detritus, microalgae and zooplankton. An excellent characteristic of Moina is that the population reproduces asexually when under suitable environmental conditions with adequate nutrition allowing it to grow exponentially. Moina can be cultured in containers as small as one gallon; however, 5 gallons is a recommended minimum. When feeding microalgae, such as Phycopure™ Copepod Blend™ it is recommended to maintain a good background of food continuously. Amounts can be adjusted daily based on the apparent amount remaining in the culture. Clarity of the water is a useful indication of food consumption. Ideal conditions are 22-25C, 15-25ppt and light to medium aeration.

Acclimation upon receipt

Moina salina tolerates a wide range of temperatures and salinities but it is recommended that water-parameter acclimation at a rate of 6ppt salinity per day or 5C per day be performed if aquarium salinities or temperatures differ by 10ppt or 10C. It is important to feed Moina during the acclimation period. Healthy Moina can be added directly to the main aquarium or the fish or invertebrate culture tank if the intent is only to use the Moina as a one-time food.


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