Aqua Medic Calcium Reactor 1000

Maintaining calcium and alkalinity levels in your reef aquaria can be challenging. It is certainly labor intensive and costly to do so when dosing two-part solutions, calcium chloride powders, alkalinity buffers etc. Many of these are hazardous to handle and prepare which further expedites the average hobbyist to question, "Isn't there a better way?" There certainly is, and as the hobby trends toward reduced water change schedules, one solution increasingly stands out as the better way; Calcium reactors. Calcium reactors dose a 24 hour stream of calcium ions and carbonate ions into your reef system. This is the ideal ion pairing that the popular two-part liquid additives offer, though at a much higher long-term cost, and it is up to you to dose it daily and dose it correctly. Calcium reactors automate this process and relieve you of the daily measuring and dosing burden. Aqua Medic Calcium Reactors house a generous portion of pure Hydrocarbonat media which is dissolved by the controlled dosing of CO2 gas to lower the pH within the unit. To ensure consistent and safe use of the CO2 gas we recommend using our pH Computer to regulate the CO2 input. Combined with our CO2 Regulator, M-Ventil Solenoid, Bubble Counter and High Pressure pH Probe you will enjoy accurate, consistent, safe, and easy maintenance of your alkalinity and calcium levels. For systems with large populations of SPS corals try combining the Calcium Reactor system with our Kalkwasser Stirrer for a new take on the old-school teamed with the latest in the new-school for results you won't believe!

  • Calciumreactor 1000 For aquaria up to 250 gallons (Includes Dosing Pump)


Calcium Reactors Stats

ModelTank CapacityDimensions
LengthWidthHeight w/o ProbeHeight w/ Probe
ModelMedia CapacityMedia VolumeCord Length  
4002.3 liter1 liter76"  
100010 liter5 liters96"  
500030 liter15 liters96"  
ModelHose Connections  
Water InletWater OutletCO2 Inlet  
ModelFlow Recommendations  
Water ThruWater Drip CountCO2 Bubble Count  
4000.15-0.25 gph<1 drop per second1 bubble per second  
10000.5-0.75 gph1-2 drops per second1-2 bubbles per second  
50003.0-8.0 gphN/AN/A  
ModelIncludes SP3000
Dosing Pump
Circulation Pump
400NoIntegrated (Lid)   
1000YesIntegrated (Lid)   
5000NoExternal OR2500


Calcium Reactor Tips and Tricks

  • It is strongly recommended that you use a pH Computer or Controller with a High Pressure pH Probe to manage the pH inside the reactor.
  • Replace your media every two years, or when it seems to be half gone. This avoids compaction, flow restriction and anoxic conditions within the reactor.
  • Check the water and CO2 flow rates regularly for deviations.
  • "While using a Calcium Reactor it is more important than ever to regularly maintain any submersible pumps within your system including the Calcium Reactor circulation pump . Cleaning the magnets and impellor pockets of mineral deposits, which are accelerated by a Calcium Reactor, becomes essential for these pumps to achieve a long life and to maintain optimal performance."
  • "Use a Kalkwasser Stirrer in conjunction with your Calcium Reactor, as a part of your automated top-off system, to achieve outstanding calcium and alkalinity levels in even the most demanding SPS displays."
  • Always use Aqua Medic Hydrocarbonate media in to ensure the finest quality effluent from your Calcium Reactor

shown with optional high pressure pH probe
(included with pH computer) Usually ships in 1 to 2 business days


$279.95 1000 AM10665
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