Aqua Medic Hydrocarbonate Reactor Media

Hydrocarbonat is a pure natural product, free of impurities for use within our Calcium reactors. Hydrocarbonat also has uses as a substrate in African cichlid systems or in bypass filters to raise the pH of Calciumreactor effluent. A natural calcium-carbonic acid equilibrium is created in all systems with an alkaline pH value. In our Calciumreactors supplied with CO2, the Hydrocarbonat is completely dissolved into calcium carbonate, becoming available for assimilation by hard, and many soft corals, sponges, echinoderms, etc. Hydrocarbonat is available in two grain sizes to suit differing applications: Medium (3-5mm) and Large (12-15mm) for use in Calciumreactors, in hardening bypass filters, and as substrate in Malawi/Tanganyika exhibits.

  • Hydrocarbonat Tub 5 liter (medium or coarse)
  • Hydrocarbonat Bucket 15 liter (medium or coarse


$44.95 AM77019
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