Aqua Medic Reef Doser

The Aqua Medic Reefdoser is one of those highly anticipated products that brings a smile to the face of every reef hobbyist that sees one. The Reefdoser can independently run up to 4 dosing pumps. The integrated controller allows for precise adjustment of the on/off cycle duration for each pump over a broad time span - anywhere from seconds per minute to hours per day. The Reefdoser can automate many tasks in your aquarium system: - regular dispensing of trace elements and fertilizers into salt and freshwater systems - controlled addition of two part calcium additives in separate intervals - accurate dosing of Kalkwasser into reef tanks - regular feedings of live phytoplankton and zooplankton .

Available Models:

Reefdoser Twin 2 dosing pumps and integrated controller

Reefdoser Triple 3 dosing pumps and integrated controller

Reefdoser Quad 4 dosing pumps and integrated controller

Reef Doser Tips

  • Use to dose two part calcium solutions, with the ability to separate the A & B doses with an appropriate time lapse to ensure they don't interact within the sump volume.
  • Use to automate trace element additions to ensure exact dosages, added steadily over your desired time interval.
  • Use for regular plankton feedings from your Plankton Reactor or Plankton Light Reactor to keep a steady supply of live food available for your filter feeding invertebrates.
  • Using the included one-way check valve (always on the suction side) ensures positive progress of the fluid through the dosing line while eliminating back-siphoning.
  • Replace the persitaltic tube periodically, depending on severity of duty, to maintain performance.

    $264.95 Twin
    $357.95 Triple
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