BiOrb HALO 60

With its hidden waterline, the BiOrb HALO 60 Liter WhiteAquarium with MCR Lighting is a visually seamless aquarium and features multi-color remote controlled lighting. At the touch of a button, your aquarium can be lit by any of the sixteen pre-set colors. Or you can relax as the aquarium gently fades through the entire spectrum of colors. Plus you can also control the brightness.

The lid closes reassuringly with a magnetic catch and the airline is subtly hidden away in one of the feet at the back of the tank.

The BiOrb HALO uses the same proven filter as the rest of the BiOrb range. To maintain your BiOrb HALO 60 all you do is simply replace the BiOrb Filter Cartridge every four weeks and change a third of the water. For safety and peace of mind, the lights and pump are low voltage and are backed by a 12 month guarantee. The aquarium itself is made from acrylic, which is ten times stronger than glass. You can enjoy all the technology of an advanced aquarium set up, supplied in one box. The BiOrb HALO 60 MCR is the perfect aquarium for anyone new to fish keeping.

60L (16 Gallon) Acrylic Bowl: 22" Tall X 19.75" Wide"
Filtration/Aeration System: The filtration includes a Low Voltage 12V Air Pump, BiOrb Filter Cartridge, Ceramic Media for biological filtration and water conditioner and beneficial bacteria liquid. The Air Pump pushes water through the Filter Cartridge and water is returned to the tank through the Bubble Tube. An Airstone at the base of the Bubble Tube creates air bubbles that stream out of the Bubble Tube.
Lighting: multi-color remote controlled lighting
Accessories & Decorations:
We carry a number of BiOrb Decorations. Be sure to only get the BiOrb 30 Liter appropriate decorations as some decorations are too big for the BiOrb 30 Liter.
Use the BiOrb Cleaning Pads to clean the inside of your BiOrb.
For tropical fish we carry the BiOrb Tropical Heater Kit or the BiOrb Intelligent Heater with Powerpod.
The BiOrb Maintenance Reminder Timer will remind you to feed your fish, change out your filter and change water.
All aquariums require occasional water changes. The BiOrb Cleaner Pump will make the process of removing and replacing water much easier.


$249.95 60liter White
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