Blue Spotted Stingray

The blue-spotted ray, Taeniura lymma (Forsskål, 1775), aka blue-spotted fantail ray, blue spotted stingray, blue spotted ray, and ribbontail stingray, is a colorful stingray with large bright blue spots on an oval, elongated disc and blue side-stripes along the tail. The snout is rounded and angular and the disc has broadly rounded outer corners. They have a short tapering tail that is less than twice the body length when intact, with a broad lower caudal finfold that extends to the tail tip. The disc has no large thorns but does have small, flat denticles along the midback in adults. There is usually 1 medium-sized stinging spine on the tail found further from the base than most stingrays. They are gray-brown to yellow, or olive-green to reddish brown in color on the dorsal side, white on the ventral side. They reach a maximum length about 70 cm.


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