Chevron Tang

Common names: Hawaiian Black Surgeonfish, Hawaiian Black Kole. The juvenile stage of this fish is very colorful. However, once in the adult stage the red and purple colors fade and it becomes dark brown, almost black, with the sides of the body and head marked by many fine, horizontal, yellowish-gray lines. Because the adult stage of the Chevron Tang is similar in appearance to that of a Kole (Yellow-Eye Surgeonfish), it is referred to as the Hawaiian Black Kole. The differences are that it does not have the yellow ring around the eye, the body is darker in color, and its pectoral fins turn a dark brown color, where the Kole's pectoral fins are almost transparent.

When in the juvenile stage they are small, averaging a length of only about two to four inches. As an adult this fish can reach a length of up to 12 inches.

This is not an overly aggressive fish, so it may get picked on by more aggressive surgeonfishes. It will usually get along well with other tank inhabitants, with the exception of its own kind, and it rarely bothers sessile invertebrates. This fish is a herbivore, with its main diet consisting of marine microalgae growth.


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