Coralife 10,000K Compact Fluorescent Lamps

High-Intensity Purified Super Daylight

The 10,000K is purified super daylight lamp that simulates the high-intensity lumen output of the midday tropical sun. It contains rare-earth color enhancing phosphors to emit sparkling, blue-white rays. Compact fluorescent lamps emits powerful lumen output without consuming high energy or producing excessive heat. They provide photo-biological light requirements for aquatic life and enhance the appearance of the aquarium. The lamps come in two styles: European straight pin base arrangement and japanese square pine base arrangement. (bulbs vary slightly in length, usually ships in 1 business day)


$16.95 9 ES54069
$32.95 21 ES54065
$43.95 34" Square Pin ES54064
$21.95 16" Straight Pin ES54061
$17.95 13" Straight Pin ES54330
$7.55 6" ES00105
$32.95 65W sq / 10k ES54066
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